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The Essential Keypad for traders

Take control of your trades like never before with TraderKeys – the powerful keypad made with traders in mind.

MetaTrader 5 Compatible

Manage Everything with one Hand

Take control of your trades like never before with TraderKeys – the powerful keypad made with traders in mind.

Say goodbye to missed trading opportunities and hello to a more immediate and precise trading experience. Try TraderKeys today!

Trading Platform Compatible

TraderKeys helps you execute trades with speed and efficiency, manage risk, and maximize profits.

Trade faster and smarter

With TraderKeys, traders can use dedicated keys to quickly open, close, and manage trades, without having to navigate through multiple screens or menus. This can save valuable time and help traders take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

Reduce risk and maximize profit

TraderKeys's automatic lot sizing and trade management features help traders manage risk like a pro, leading to more successful and profitable trades.

Unlock the Power of TraderKeys

TraderKeys is a specialized keypad with customized keys designed for traders to increase their efficiency and speed in executing trades.

Instant Trade Execution

Open trades instantly with just a key press, based on your risk parameters, with lot sizes automatically calculated using TraderKeys intuitive interface.

Manage Risk

With TraderKeys, manage your risk like a pro. You can open orders based on your risk parameters with a single key press, and the lot sizes will be automatically calculated for you. Stay in control and never risk more than you’re comfortable with.

Automatic Trade Management​

TraderKeys makes it easy to set up automatic trade management. You can set your break-even and multiple partial take-out triggers with ease, so you can take profits and limit losses even when you’re not actively monitoring the market

Easy Trade Exiting

Exit your trades quickly and easily with TraderKeys. You can close entire positions or partials, move stop-loss and take-profit prices to preset levels, or simply type in the amount of pips you want to exit at. It’s all just a few clicks away.

Trading Limits

TraderKeys’s trading limits panel keeps you from overtrading by clearly showing you when you’ve reached your trading limitations for the day. This feature helps you stay disciplined and avoid making impulsive trades that can lead to losses.

Efficient Trading

TraderKeys helps you trade more efficiently by streamlining your workflow and eliminating the need for multiple screens or devices. With TraderKeys, you can trade like a pro and take advantage of the opportunities the market presents.

Support Platform:

TraderKeys is not a standalone platform, but rather a keypad with shortcuts that helps traders efficiently and quickly manage their trades.

Supported OS:


Mac OS

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